Independent Madness is made for artists, creatives, art houses & magazine's to create their online presence. We specialize in understanding uniqueness of every creative individual. We work with fixed fees/per project basis. This means you get fully running product from us. We ourselves are artists & we understand the needs of each one.


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This is our independent design for poster series. We will soon have these available in our site for purchase. Follow us on our instagram @independentmadness to see up & coming poster art. We love design. We love Art

A (Beauty Archive) is first of it’s kind P2P (professionals to professionals) online magazine empha- sizing on high end beauty content produced by beauty professionals. Mainly makeup, hair and photographers are highlighted in the projects as the key contributors. BA will provide daily beauty feed to it's lovers. Exclusive stories that focus on the “Craft of Beauty” produced by professionals from fashion & beauty industry, followed by the written reviews & the "How to" of all shoots. Mostly written by makeup/hair artists. BA will also curate, recommend and sell selected beauty product selections on the site to all it's visitors. BA is also a powerful platform for all the makeup brands to connect with a pool of influencing talent in the world. This will help makeup brands with new product launches, special professional products, creative lines and just pushing any product from their shelves right into the community. BA's aim to become a professional education & a digital platform connecting beauty artists, sharing knowledge with each other and the young ones or just inspire beauty lovers & also connect with makeup brands.

Things By People is a leading creative talent & fashion agency based in UAE. Things By People is operating worldwide by providing top notch fashion production services such as: Fashion Photography, Styling, Fashion Direction, Art Direction, Hair & Makeup. The new website features elegant design, database integration with news section and interactive artist books. We worked on designing & developing of the overall new identity and new website experience.

We developed this minimal design for fashion photographer Mann (Mannbutte). The purpose of the site is to display portfolio of the photographer followed by galleries and video links. The site is fast, user friendly and very eye catchy. While looking at the tones of his photography we decided to choose the site color so his work can standout.

Beautiful Blood, unlike other magazines, focuses on casting & models. We are looking for interesting models in your editorials or stories. Beauty that is not only just defined by looks, but maybe by a character that is either unique or simple. We are creating this platform to promote those who create the content looking at the above values. Technically every human being in this world is unique, we are all born with a barcode saved in our DNA - Each one of us is coded and that defines what and how we do things & differently.